Steve Jobs Learns That Content Is King ...again

Mobile app developers don’t like Steve's tightly controlled software fiefdom. Firstly, they need to buy a Mac to write an app for an iPhone or iPad. Steve had a philosophical spat with Adobe Flash, so developers can't use one of the most delicious carb-loaded ingredients in their programming soup. Steve has put restrictions on “sexy apps" in a noble gesture of preserving the good taste of Apple Inc. - thereby wiping out the most popular thing people want to see. “Folks who want porn can buy an Android,” Steve emailed one unhappy customer[1] (and I did). Mister Highbrow is fickle about what he lets people install on his toys. Mark Fiore’s political cartoon app was rejected for ridiculing public figures, and then it was suddenly approved after he won a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.[2]
Hungry developers who want to make apps can either dine at Steve’s exclusive five-star restaurant for US$100-300 registration fee, or pig-out at Android Andy’s all-you-can-eat buffet chain for only US$25. 

The end user is presented with a similar choice. Any app worth downloading on an iPad/Phone costs something. For example, iPad DJ, Rana June Sobhany, got bored waiting in line for her iPad so she began buying apps on her iPhone. By the time the store opened six hours later, she had bought $200 worth of music apps.[3] On the other hand, there is a bottomless pit of useful free apps available on Android. 

Have you heard this one?  “An Android user walks into a bar then leaves because the beer isn't free.” – tweeted by iMacthere4iAm.

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